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All About Us

As most mid westerners know, farm kids are born with a wrench in one hand and a rope in the other. Gordon was born and raised on the family farm north of St. Marys, Ohio. On the farm, you grow up doing almost everything in the line of handyman work, have a good work ethic, and understand the value of a customer. After leaving the farm, Gordon had over 20 years experience as an automotive parts business in St. Marys. In 2014, Gordon Kill decided to fill the void in the area for a Recreational Vehicle Repair Technician and Gordon began operating his business Kill Camper out of the farm that again he was raised on. In the Spring of 2019, long time businessman Curt McCullough, contacted Gordon and discussed his desires for the future of Kill Camper. McCullough Transportation Service was aware of over 4,000 permanently parked RV units that are within 60 minutes their location east of Celina. Having transported many RV’s from coast to coast, MTS understood the business and had a desire for a couple of years to fill the apparent void. Upon investigation, MTS discovered that Gordon was doing work from his homeplace and during discussions he voiced goals of how to provide more services to the camping and recreation vehicle business. From their highly visible location on the east edge of Celina with service bays and floor space for a nice retail area, MTS and Kill Camper thought the timing and the facility worked for a merger of companies.

In 60 days’ time, KILL RV SERVICE, LLC became a reality. Gordon, Curt, and son Bryan have worked to grow into a regional RV service center doing work in 3 states and warranty work for many manufacturers, Insurance Company for damage claims, and work for almost all 3rd party warranty companies including most of the largest in the business. In the area of the used RV’s that we sell, units have sold to Kansas City, Kansas, Houston, Texas, New Orleans, Lousisiana, several to Michigan, Indiana, and Tennessee. So, we have become a regional company with great assistance from our growing customer base, the Internet, and Social Media. Our past customers have been most gracious in their ratings of our service which as we all know is the gauge of which all measurements are taken for customer service. McCullough Transportation is very well-known for Transportation from coast to coast.